Replacement Kitchen Doors

Any good kitchen is a hub of activity. It’s where meals are prepared, sending wonderful aromas throughout your home. It’s where we sit and have a cuppa when friends come to visit. It’s where we congregate during a party. It’s the room that says more about you than any other, so its importance should never be underestimated, especially when you’re considering changes to your home.

At Just Doors, we understand this importance and that’s why we offer a range of replacement kitchen doors that is both diverse and cost-effective, allowing you to give your kitchen a fresh new look and with the various options we have available, you’ll be able to find something to match the kitchen you’ve dreamed about.

Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Whether you’re aiming for a modern or traditional look in your home, or something completely different, we have a style to suit. Fielded panel or tongue and groove are ideal for cottages, Victorian properties or anywhere with a more rustic feel but they are also versatile and can fit well in a newer home if the décor suits. If you’re going for modern look, that tends to mean shaker or plain flat doors to fit in with the smooth, futuristic style modern kitchens tend to have but these can easily be transferred to older homes too. With such a range available, the possibilities are endless at Just Doors.


Our straightforward ordering system makes it easy to purchase the right replacements. Click on your perfect style below and follow the step-by-step guide. Simply ensure you have measurements to hand and let us do the rest!

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Why Replace Kicthen Doors

Are you wanting a noticeable change but trying to keep costs low? Replacing kitchen doors is the ideal solution. We have a wide variety of colours to choose from, so whatever your favoured colour scheme, you’ll find one to match perfectly and if you have a particular colour in mind, we will send your doors primed and ready to painted.
A new-look kitchen doesn’t mean having to rip everything out and starting again – make life easier and replace the doors!

Reasons for Choosing Just Doors

Create a dream kitchen for a fraction of the cost with Just Doors!