We’ve answered a few common questions below to help put your mind at ease, if you have any questions not listed please feel free to get in touch with our helpful team. We are alway keen to help our customers with any questions you might have.


Can you supply doors of any size?

We specialise in made to measure doors to your specification, up to 610mm wide and 2400mm tall.

How do I know if my chosen top coat for my Primed doors is compactable?

We recommend that you paint a small section on the reverse side of a door and let it dry before applying coats of paint to all your doors. We recommend using a water based emulsion.

How are your doors made?

Our doors are cut from solid 22mm thick MDF. They are CNC programmed to your requirements and then CNC machined to a high standard of quality. Each door is hand finished to remove and sharp edges. The frame of the Shaker, Fielded and Tongue/Groove doors are 77mm. The Shaker and Tongue/Groove doors have a separate panel 9mm thick recessed into the 77mm frame.

Can my doors come with the hinge holes already drilled?

At no extra charge we can drill 35mm diameter hinges holes for you. Just specify the distance from the centre of the hole to the top and bottom of your door.

Do you offer an installation service?

We are happy to quote and arrange the installation of your order.

How long will my Primed Doors take to produce?

From receipt of your order, you will received your delivery on the third Friday, however this may occasionally vary during busy periods. Delivery will be by courier between the hours of 8.00am-5.30pm, please ensure someone is available to receive them.

Do the doors come with hinges already attached?

If you purchase hinges they are packed separately so they do not damage your doors.

Do you supply Glass Doors?

We can supply the doors without a centre panel and a rebate for you to fit your own glass. Please add your requirements to the additional information when you checkout.

What should I use to clean my granite worktop on a daily basis?

The only maintenance required is regular washing with clean, hot soapy water to remove surface dirt. If necessary, use a small amount of non abrasive & non bleach cleaner.

Can hot pans from the cooker be placed directly onto the granite worktop?

Although the granite is heat resistant, it is not heat proof, therefore the use of a trivet is recommended.

Can I use the granite worktop on an existing curved surface?

Unfortunately the granite sheets can’t be bent into curves so all our refurbished worktops will need to be straight.

How long will my Granite Worktop take to produce?

From receipt of your order you will receive a date for templating and the whole process takes 4 to 6 weeks to installation on a day that we will notify you of, however this may occasionally vary during busy periods.

Do you reconnect my appliances when installing a Granite Worktop?

We will refit all the existing appliances within the price but we ask that you arrange for a plumber to reconnect the Sink and Tap. Can you also arrange for any Gas appliances to be disconnected before we arrive and reconnected at the end of the installation by a Gas Safe fitter.

Is your MDF from a sustainable source?

Yes we only use MDF manufactured from sustainable sources.

What are your doors made of?

Our doors are made from high quality 22mm thick MDF.

How are your doors finished?

Our doors receive two coats of industrial, water based primer and are lightly sanded in preparation for you to apply the topcoat in the colour of your choice. Or we can supply the doors painted with two top coats if you choose from our colour chart.

I am not confident about measuring my doors, can you help?

We offer a measuring service which is chargeable at £91 but this is refunded on placement of an order.

How are my doors packaged?

Your doors will come fitted with corner protectors and wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap. If your packaging is damaged in any way do not sign the delivery note without checking the product inside first.

How long will my Coloured Doors take to produce?

From receipt of your order you will receive your delivery with 6 to 7 weeks on a day that we will notify you of, however this may occasionally vary during busy periods.

What sort of paint should I use to paint my Primed Doors?

Any good quality water based paint and apply with a good quality brush or roller.

What should I use to clean my painted doors?

For product cleaning ONLY use 5% soap, 95% water (liquid soap) solution,wiping with a damp (not wet) cloth, finally drying with a soft clean cloth. Dust with a dry soft cloth. DO NOT USE abrasive or aggressive cleaners, bleach or other hypochlorite (chlorine) based cleaners, multi-purpose cleaners, acetone, alcohol solvent or similar products on the doors as this will damage the surface. It is advisable to use a damp (not wet) cloth to remove fingerprints and marks, followed at once with a soft dry cloth. Cooking splashes should be wiped up immediately using a damp cloth.

Will food or drink stain my granite worktop?

Our product is stain resistant to most common household products. Spillages such as wines, oils and acidic substances (e.g. vinegar) should be wiped clean immediately to prevent staining.

Can I use the granite worktop as a cutting surface?

As with any high quality work surface care should be taken. We recommended the use of a chopping board.

Can I have angled doors?

Angled doors can be supplied if accurate dimensions given. Please contact us for a free no obligation quotation.

How long will my Granite Worktop take to install?

Our aim is to install your new worktop in one day. However this may take longer if it a large job.

How many panels can I have on a tall door?

For any door over 1250mm you can specify if you require more than one panel and the design you require i.e. 2 or 3 equally spaced panels or 2 panels with a percentage split with the larger panel at the top or bottom. If you would like any other combinations please do not hesitate to contact us.

Could you paint the doors for me in my own colour?

We offer a colour matching service for any colour you may require. Just send us a match pot of the colour and we will colour match this for you.