Kitchen Trends to Look Out for Heading in to 2017

The kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of the home, whether you are cooking or socialising the kitchen tends to be the place to be, as the song goes “you’ll always find me in the kitchen and parties”. The kitchen needs to be functional, accessible but also stylish and appealing. A good looking kitchen goes a long way which is why, here at Just Doors, we have complied a list of kitchen design trends to look out for in 2017 to ensure you are ahead in the design stakes and that your kitchen is the best it can be.
1. Hidden Appliances – Hidden appliances are a great way to create the look of having more space whilst also making the most of the space you have available. Disguising your appliances in your cabinetry means you can maintain a clean and consistent look throughout your kitchen by being able to disguise appliances such as refrigerators, dish washers and even smaller appliances such as microwaves and coffee makers.

2. Wood Panelling - This traditional look is very much coming back in to fashion and provides a warm and cosy feeling to any kitchen. If you like the thought of wood panelling but would prefer a more modern look then using white wood panelling, known as shiplap, creates a clean and contemporary feel.

3. Smart Appliances – When your busy working away in the kitchen it can be hard to do other things such as answer the phone but now, thanks to smart appliances, you will be able to make and receive calls from a voice activated WiFi screen that is embedded in to your fridge or you can even look up a recipe on Google, the world is at your fingertips (fridge).

4. Faucets with Sensors – This includes lights that turn on once we enter the room and then automatically turn off once they stop detecting movement which is ideal for keeping electricity bills down if you tend to find yourself accidentally leaving lights on. Other items include a meat thermometer that will notify your smart phone once the meat has reached the desired temperature meaning that you can sit back and relax without having to check all the time to see if the meat is fully cooked. In 2017 and in years to come we will see many more of these automation trends enter the home and in a few years time we could be running our homes from our phones.

5. Tuxedo Kitchen Cabinets – Mixing up your kitchen’s colour theme with tuxedo cabinets provides you with a very modern and stylish kitchen, whether you choose to go for the literal interpretation of the tuxedo theme and go for black and white or if you decide to use more contemporary colours such as navy blue and soft grey, check out our range of kitchen doors.

The kitchen is no longer just for cooking, it is a place for entertaining, relaxing, dining and working in meaning it is important that you are comfortable in your surroundings which we are sure you will be if you follow our style tips to ensure you have a forward thinking kitchen design ready for the year ahead.


Kitchen Spotlights

Christmas Food Traditions Around The World

The kitchen is the most important room in the house over the Christmas period as many delicious dishes are created to help us celebrate the festive season. There are many variations of the Christmas dinner eaten around the world so we thought we would take a closer look at what other countries will be tucking in to this Christmas.

The UK – A traditional turkey roast is the most popular type of Christmas dinner eaten in the UK although some people do tend to opt for other types of poultry such as pheasant or goose all of which is served with all the trimmings, Yorkshire puddings and pigs in blankets. For dessert, it is traditional to serve Christmas pudding but there are other options such as trifle, Christmas cake or chocolate logs.

France – The main Christmas meal in France is called Réveillon and is typically enjoyed late on Christmas Eve or early Christmas morning which is usually when people have returned from the Midnight church services. The dish usually comprises of roast turkey with chestnuts or roast goose accompanied by oysters, foie gras, lobster, venison and a variety of cheeses and as a dessert a chocolate log cake is usually served which is called a bûche de Noël. In some parts of France there is a celebration where 13 desserts are eaten, these desserts are made from fruits, nuts and pastries and the number 13 is to represent Jesus and his 12 apostles.

Germany – In Germany the usual Christmas dish is Goose and cabbage (some people swap goose for carp) and as a dessert a fruited yeast bread called stollen is enjoyed. German tradition says that those who don’t eat well on Christmas Eve will be haunted by demons.

Italy – In Italy meat and sometimes dairy is completely avoided on Christmas eve and instead Italian families enjoy The Feast of Seven Fishes which comprises of seven fish based dishes and after this has been consumed people then attend the Midnight mass service. Once they have returned from mass they will then enjoy a slice of Italian Christmas cake called Pannettone and a cup of hot chocolate.

Japan – Christmas has only been celebrated in Japan for the last few decades and isn’t acknowledged as a religious holiday and is seen more as a time to spread happiness. Christmas Eve is celebrated more than actual Christmas day and is often seen as a romantic day quite like Valentines day. The preferred meal for Christmas Eve is fried chicken which means that Christmas is the busiest day of the year for KFC as it often sees people queueing up outside the doors and a lot of people place orders in advance to avoid disappointment.

Slovakia – Fish is the most popular meat served for Christmas dinner in Slovakia and tends to be mostly carp. A lot of families will buy the fish alive and keep it in the bath until Christmas Eve when it will be killed and gutted ready for Christmas dinner. The main Christmas feast comprises of 12 dishes which symbolises the number of Jesus’ disciples.

Iceland – On the 23rd December Icelands major saint died on this day and it is tradition that a simple meal of boiled potatoes and fermented skate is eaten, it is very common that people eat out at restaurants on this day due to them not wanting their house smelling of the skate which can be very pungent. For Christmas dinner, it is not irregular to be served puffin or roasted reindeer but a leg of roast lamb is also a very popular choice.

Here at Just Doors we understand that no matter what you choose to eat on Christmas day it is important that you have a functional kitchen in which to prepare your meal and across all cultures it is apparent that spending the festive period with family and friends is extremely important and there is nothing better than gathering around the table to enjoy a delicious meal together. If you are looking to revamp your kitchen ready for the big day then make sure you take a look at the range of kitchen cupboard doors and kitchen handles we have wreath

Landlords: Refurbish to Let – Cost Effective Home Improvements

For all Landlords, there is a balance between their bottom line and providing a pleasant environment which tenants both respect and want to live in. The most difficult area to achieve the right balance is undoubtedly during the refurbishment and redecoration of your property.

Whether you have just purchased a property to fully renovate, or are looking to give your rented property an update, we have put together some tips on cost effective refurbishment.

Cost Effective Kitchen Refurbishment

One of the most important rooms to your tenant is your kitchen, however a brand new fitted kitchen can prove expensive. HomeLet, a landlord insurance provider warns that landlords should be aware of over investing, claiming that it may take years of rental income to break even on a kitchen. The firm does go onto warn however, that there is a danger of under investing in a kitchen and having to replace the kitchen on a regular basis.

Kitchen refurbishments should also focus on low maintenance, easy to clean, long term improvements which can include wall panels and painting with mould resistant paint. Vinyl flooring is another example of something incredibly easy to fit and maintain.

Replacing kitchens cupboard doors and worktops is another ideal solution for landlords looking to update their kitchen. At the fraction of the price of a new kitchen, replacing these key items makes a huge difference in the integrity and appearance of your full kitchen, helping you attract, and retain happy tenants.

Kitchen Door Replacements - Before & After

edit1New kitchen doors

Cost Effective Furniture Refurbishment

It’s essential when refurbishing a property, to remember that you are refurbishing the property for paying tenants - not yourself. Fixtures, themes and decorating should focus on creating a clean, neutral clutter free environment. It’s also vital to ensure that key elements such as repairing any structural or physical defects are built into a refurbishment plan. Broken, scuffed and damaged items should either be replaced or refurbished as part of this plan.

Whilst inbuilt wardrobes are a huge draw in many properties, over the years they can become worn down and scuffed. Just Doors offer a wide range of replacement wardrobe doors which are ideal for built in wardrobes and free standing wardrobes in living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms throughout your property. These small changes again allow you to achieve a substantial cost effective home improvement.

Finishing Touches

Furthermore, there is a number of smaller steps you can take during a property renewal/refurbishment. Replacing door handles across your home can make a big difference with regards to home modernization.

Cup Handle

Refurbishment Viability

Whenever a landlord is looking to carry out a property refurbishment or makeover, it’s essential that a payback period for the work stands at around five years. For example, if a landlord was to spend £6000 - they should be confident that their monthly rental value could be raised by around £100 to hit a 5 year payback target. With property prices largely stagnant, it’s important to consider whether or not a large scale investment is worthwhile. During this period consider renewal and refurbishment as an alternative to larger scale work.

Just Doors supply replacement handmade kitchen doors, kitchen worktops, replacement wardrobe doors and drawer fronts to a wide range of rental properties across the UK. Visit the site for further information.

How To Update Your Kitchen & Add Value To Your Home

Experts across the home improvement industry are all in agreement, if you want to sell your home quickly and at the right price, and only have the budget to renovate a single room, you should focus on your kitchen. Why? It’s simple, because the kitchen is undoubtedly the most multi functional room in the home.

Gone are the days of the kitchen just being for cooking, today the kitchen is a place for socialising, unwinding after a long day, hosting dinner parties and even somewhere quiet for the kids to do their homework. With the Kitchen offering so many purposes, it’s no surprise to learn that a new kitchen can easily add 4-7% on the value of your home.

Things to consider

Of course, there are many different factors to bear in mind when approaching a kitchen renovation. Whilst it’s possible to buy a full new kitchen for £4,000 the spend on a new kitchen typically rises to around £10,000 - £14,000. The spiraling costs make it essential to ensure that the amount you spend on a kitchen refurbishment, is proportionate to the value of your home. For example, it would not be worth fitting a £15,000 kitchen into a home which is worth £95,000.

A more cost effective option?

Alot of our customers get in touch with us regarding the above predicament. They typically want to refurbish their kitchen ahead of a sale, but don't want to pour money into it, especially at what is a very expensive time. Below, we highlight some of the ways we can help you add value to your home, without having to fork out for a new kitchen.

Replace your kitchen doors

Regardless of your kitchen's style, size and colour, we specialise in supplying top quality painted or primed replacement kitchen doors. The Just Doors ordering process ensures that all kitchen doors ordered will fit seamlessly into your existing kitchen units and cupboards.

Why replace Kitchen Doors? Over time kitchen doors take the brunt of everyday wear and tear, which can leave them looking both tired and worn. Replacing your kitchen doors allows you to cost effectively modernise one of the biggest areas of your home.

Replace your kitchen worktops

Kitchen worktops over the years can become stained, burnt, scratched and chipped. Replacing your kitchen worktops, especially with materials such as solid granite however is an expensive job.  That’s why we provide a versatile, hard wearing range of MDF backed replacement granite worktops in over 12 colours, which provide a chic finish, with a long lasting shine.

Replace your kitchen drawers

Another economical route of improving your kitchen lies in replacing your kitchen drawer fronts. We offer a range of replacement drawer fronts all made to your exact specifications. Drawer fronts are a subtle yet effective way of modernising any room, but in particular your kitchen.

Replace your kitchens handles & knobs

If the basic structure of your kitchen is fine, or you have just installed new drawer fronts or doors, why not invest in new handles? Sleek handles give your kitchen a contemporary feel, whilst traditional handles compliment an older style kitchen.

Last words…

Above everything else, it’s vital your kitchen is kept uncluttered, clean and tidy. The most expensive kitchen will be let down by simple neglect, so ensure that your anyone viewing your home leaves with the very best impression!

2016 Top 10 Kitchen Gadgets under £50

Today we are going to be looking through some of our favourite kitchen utensils and gadgets for this year. This doesn't mean the most expensive gadgets, but rather the most practical, creative and best value for money.

10) Lakeland Duo Icing colour Kit 

By far the cheapest on this list, coming in at only £2.99! The icing kit allows you to get professional looking cupcakes by dividing the icing bag in two. This allows you to fill the bag with two different colours of icing, giving you the power to create rainbow coloured swirls on all of your cakes and bakes. The kit comes with 6 nozzles and 8 disposable bags.

Icing Kit

9) Roullier White Burger Press 

The burger is a staple of the family diet, however when burgers are bought from the supermarkets they can be packed full of unwanted fillers, salts and sugars. With this handy burger press you can know exactly what’s going into your families burgers by making them yourself with ease. You can use 100% mince and ensure that all of the burgers are the same size and depth reducing any bickering over the dinner table.  For £16 all you have to worry about now is the buns!

Burger Press

8) Joseph Joseph Cut and Carve Board 

Anyone who has ever cooked a Sunday dinner will know the struggle of finally finishing everything and then going to carve and having food slipping and sliding everywhere. Luckily the Joseph Joseph Cut and Carve board is here to help, with its clever non slip feet and soft grip edges on both sides the board remains sturdy whilst you carry out your cuts. The design of the board also means it catches all of the juices and crumbs which can save you a few minutes cleaning the counter top afterwards. For only £17.99 this cut and carve board is a must have.

Cut & Carve Board

7) Balcony BBQ 

BBQ’s are great and when we have to let go of them at the end of summer it can be quite heart breaking, but this BBQ is a fantastic idea and can bring the jot of BBQing to almost everyone no matter where you live! The Balcony BBQ will hook onto any rails and takes up very little space, can’t be kicked over and can be used all year around. This great little BBQ costs £39.99 and then you just need charcoal and food.

Balcony BBQ

6) Eva Solo Pen Grater 

This simple pen grater is a great addition to any kitchen, small and easy to store, the grater is perfect for ginger, garlic and nutmeg. The small space on the back of the grater gathers all of your ingredients so nothing goes to waste, and due its small size it’s a treat to wash up, saving on time on washing much larger graters. For £20 it’s well worth checking out.

Grater Pen

5) Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin 

This nifty rolling pin gets your pastry or dough to the perfect thickness. The changeable discs on the two ends lower or raise the rolling pin to the needed depth to give you an even and consistent base for all of your tart, pie and pastry bases. The colourful ends give you an optional depth of 2mm, 4mm, 6mm or 10mm. This cool rolling pin comes in at a nice £22.

Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin

4) Lakeland Magnetic Kitchen Timer 

This timer is a perfect kitchen accessory, simply stick it on anything metal (shouldn't be too difficult in a kitchen) and let it run its course. The timer can count down anywhere from 59 minutes to 99 seconds, allowing you to time your meals perfectly. With a nice loud beep the timer makes sure you know when it’s time to finish your task. It can also be used as a normal clock when it’s not in function as a timer. At £9.99 this timer is perfect for busy mums.

Lakeland Magnetic Kitchen Timer

3) Culinare One Touch Can Opener

Having a fight with the tin opener is a thing of the past, with the One Touch Can Opener your tins and cans will be cut open with ease in a matter of seconds. The opener clips onto the top of your can, then just press the button and watch as this gadget cuts the top off, allowing you easy access with fewer jagged edges. For only £11.99 the one touch can opener is a great investment.

One Touch Can Opener


2) John Lewis Pasta Maker 

With 9 thickness settings for kneading and rolling, the John Lewis pasta maker can make a variety of pasta shapes from lasagne sheets to spaghetti. To prevent slipping the pasta maker comes with a clamp that can be attached to your kitchen worktop. For just £23 this pasta maker is worth a look.

Pasta Maker

1) Morphy Richards 3-in-1 Scales 

These scales from Morphy Richards don’t just act as a set of scales; they can also be used as a measuring and mixing bowl. You can also zero the scales as you go, adding each ingredient as a new weight can really help when cooking a recipe with a lot of ingredients. The beauty of the scales is that because you can complete three tasks with one piece of equipment it can help cut down on the dreaded washing up. It’s a win for everyone at only £22.49.

3 in 1 scales



Food and Romance at Home

Welcome to our latest blog post at Just Doors where we have decided to bring you something seasonal! Love is almost in the air with February 14th approaching fast and we have combined food with romance in offering you some great date night ideas. Which would you choose?


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How to Update Your Kitchen on a Budget

Typically a new kitchen will add 4.6% to the value of your home, however if you are looking to either increase the value of your home, or simply update what has become a tired looking kitchen, you don't need to put yourself through the disruption and expense of installing an entire new kitchen.

Through tweaking and updating your existing kitchen, you can easily make huge improvements. Easy to update items include any of the below:

  • Kitchen Cupboard Doors
  • Kitchen Worktops
  • Kitchen Drawers
  • Kitchen Handles
  • Sink
  • Lighting

Replacing Kitchen Cupboard Doors

With fitted kitchen units costing thousands of pounds, it’s easy to see why so many people are now choosing to replace only their cupboard doors. The task of removing the old doors and fitting the new doors, usually takes less than a day and can be attempted at anyone with a reasonable level of DIY experience. For those who have no DIY experience, it won't cost the earth to hire a handyman or joiner to carry out this task - resulting in less disturbance and mess for you and your family.  

Whilst we are on the subject of costing the earth, nobody likes creating unnecessary waste and disposal costs. Just replacing your kitchen doors, not your full kitchen certainly plays its part in your efforts to help the environment.

Replacement Kitchen Doors

Replacing Kitchen Worktops

Replacing your kitchen worktops is another cost effective route of updating your kitchen. Over time worktops can become scratched, marked, stained and damaged. At Just Doors, we offer a range of hard wearing, granite replacement kitchen worktops which are guaranteed for ten years. All worktops are chip, scratch and heat resistant, giving you peace of mind. Our granite worktops are bonded onto marine density MDF, providing a reliable and cost effective solution.

Replacement Kitchen Worktops

Kitchen Drawer Fronts

Are your kitchen drawers letting your kitchen down? Simply replace them. Our range of replacement drawer fronts come in a variety of styles and colours, ensuring that they can meet your exact requirements. Replacing kitchen drawer fronts is again a simple task and suited to those who have a reasonable standard of DIY. Simply take the old drawer front off and replace with the new front.

Charcoal Kitchen Drawer


Replacing Kitchen Handles

Perhaps the simplest way of updating your kitchen! If the basic structure of your condition is in good condition, why would you change anything else? Sleek white doors and handles will give your kitchen a contemporary feel, whilst wooden handles on distressed doors can bring vintage charm to your kitchen. The choice is yours!

Warwick Knobs and Handles


Replacing Your Kitchen Sink

Sinks undoubtedly add a certain character to your kitchen, meaning that you can change the feel of your kitchen by either fitting a butler sink for a country look, or a stainless steel sink for a modern, fresh feel. If you don't have a dishwasher, think about the function of your sink alongside its looks. You may find choosing a larger sink with an integrated drainer board important.

Chrome Kitchen Sink



Shed light on your updated kitchen with a new range of lighting. If you want to create a statement, why not choose some industrial metal pendant lights? If however you want to be a little more subtle, ceiling spotlights are a perfect choice - Choose LED spotlights to save on your monthly electrical bill too.

Kitchen Spotlights


Any Questions?

If you have any questions regarding updating your kitchen and how Just Doors can help, just get in touch or give us a call.

The Advantages of MDF

mdMDF which stands for ‘Medium Density Fiberboard’ (we bet you didn’t know that), is a clear favourite when it comes to furniture and accessories. Today at Just Doors we are answering some of the common questions associated with this widely used material, including how MDF for wardrobe doors will benefit the home.

What is MDF made from?
Similar to particle board, MDF is an engineered wood composite, dense in feel and appearance yet in comparison to the aforementioned is much stronger. With the application of extremely high temperatures, both hard and softwood residuals are further broken down and packed together with binders such as wax and various resins. Force is used in order to press down the combination resulting in large sheets of MDF.

Are there different kinds of MDF?
Yes, there are typically varying kinds and they actually differ in colour. Moisture resistant is usually green whilst a fire retardant option will be red or blue.

Is MDF a cost effective solution?
This product is generally cheaper than the likes of plywood and other options available on the market. Whilst the cost will always depend upon the job in hand, the chances are you will pay less for this well respected option.

How easy is it to cut/shape this wood?
Whether you require straight edges or something more detailed, MDF offers the perfect consistency when it comes to shaping and because it is smooth throughout, using a jigsaw, scroll or band saw will be easy.

Does this wood have a particular use?
As mentioned above, MDF is a popular alternative to other hardwood as it provides a cost effective solution and one that’s easy to work with. Over time, schools have really seen its benefits when it comes to design technology lessons due to the flexibility offered.

Can I paint MDF?
Quite simply, yes. The smooth texture means rough edges are nowhere in sight with voids and splinters a non entity. You won’t find any knots meaning sandpaper is not a requirement. Primer is an absolute must with a quality oil-based option highly recommended. Avoid aerosol primers as it will just soak in having no effect and leaving you without the correct base for which to paint. Get this right and you can choose any colour you wish. Have a look at some great tips for painting MDF - these should help you on your way.

Are MDF Wardrobe Doors a decent option?
Created to stand the test of time, this style of wardrobe door is ideal to prime and paint in the colours of your choice. Fitting neatly in with existing wardrobes, the strength is apparent and quality clearly visible. Easy to shape, simple styles such as plain, fielded and shaker offer a contemporary feel whilst the tongue and groove leans towards a traditional finish.

On the whole, MDF offers a great solution when it comes to furniture and additions such as wardrobe doors. The versatility of this material means it can be cut to shape easily and painted to suit.

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3 Ways to Hang a Christmas Wreath on Your Front Door without Making a Hole!

christmas wreath

The festive season is upon us and here at Just Doors we have compiled a post describing the top three ways to hang a Christmas wreath without the need to put a hole in your door!

Without further ado let’s delve into the realms of possibility.

1. Command Hooks

If you are unaware of Command hooks, they WILL change your life (or at least the way you decorate for the Christmas holidays)! These clever little objects aren't just for Christmas however. They are an absolute must have for any home with the ability to be incorporated into regular interior décor projects. The idea behind these hooks lies within strips that attach to flat surfaces causing no damage when pulled away. Attaching to the strips they can be stuck to the desired surface.

Command hooks come in varying shapes and sizes and when choosing these you need be mindful of what they will be used to hang, and where they will be placed. When it comes to your Christmas Wreath the hook is required to be strong in order to take weight into consideration and counteract varying elements of the weather.

The fact command hooks come off surfaces easily is the icing on the cake (but remember to read the instructions as there are some precautions to take)!

2. Over the Door Wreath Hanger

Over the Door Wreath Hangers have grown in popularity with many outlets stocking variations on style and colour. Simply place the hook part of the hanger at the top of the door and then the long strip section hangs down towards the front. The wreath will sit nicely from here.

Part of the hanger will be visible yet your door has escaped the wrath of the nail! Besides, it’s nothing some tinsel or gyp won’t solve.

3. Ribbon

Another great way to hang your Christmas wreath without ruining your front door is by using ribbon. Use any type of decorative ribbon that matches your wreath (preferably at least 3-4 inches wide). Place the wreath in the middle of the ribbon so that it hangs exactly where you want it to on the door. Take the two ends of ribbon towards the top of the door and overlap them so they both come together in the same spot. Finally take a thumbtack and tack the ends of the ribbon into the top of the door, if you get the tack all the way into the top, the door should still close properly. Make sure however the tack is sturdy enough to hold the wreath securely.

By using this method no holes will be in the front of your door, merely just a tiny blemish on the top frame that won’t be seen. Remember don't use this method if your door is anything but wooden!

So there you have it! The three top ways of hanging a Christmas wreath without causing any damage to your door. Our favourite has to be the command hook as it can be used at any time of the year across a whole host of interior projects. What could be better?

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Christmas Kitchen Gift Ideas

Here at Just Doors we specialise in revamping the look of your kitchen with new kitchen doors, but changing the look of your kitchen isn’t the only way to improve how you feel when you’re in there. It’s a well known scientific fact that if something is new and shiny then it automatically makes your life better and if you give something new and shiny to someone else you have made a friend for life!

With that in mind here are our top 5 Christmas Kitchen Gift Ideas for 2015:

slush maker

Slush Puppies!! Doesn’t just the name make you happy? Have you ever seen someone with a frown drinking a slush puppy? Me neither! This retro slush maker is an incredible gadget for the kitchen and will put a smile on the faces of both kids and adults alike and if you thought it doesn’t get much better than that…..wait for it……it can make Ice Cream too! Wowsers.

hot dog maker

Have you ever thought to yourself that making hot dogs is just a little bit too complicated? Really who can be bothered with getting out a pan and then putting hot dogs in the pan and then leaving them in boiling water for 5 minutes, it sounds a little bit too much like hard work to us at Just Doors. This great toaster allows you to toast not just your bread buns but your hot dogs too! What more could you possibly want?

prezzy boxFancy yourself as a bit of a Heston Blumenthal? Bored by words like grilling, baking, and boiling but find yourself getting excited at the thought of spherification, emulsification and gelification? This could be just the thing for you. If you want to experiment with your food and see how far your creative mind can take you in the kitchen then this Molecular Gastronomy Kit provides you with everything you need to make fun, creative but ultimately delicious meals.
duck cup
If you are anything like the team at Just Doors then you will love to have biscuits to dunk into your mug of tea. You will also love ducks. This innovative mug will allow you to combine these 2 passions, with a mug that not only looks like a duck but also gives you storage space to hold 2 biscuits underneath. You would be quackers to not want it!
coffee machine
Need a coffee to wake you up in the morning? This Smarter Coffee Machine can wake you up with its inbuilt alarm clock and have your coffee ready for you and the rest of the family by the time you get down the stairs. Using its exclusive mobile app you can turn it on remotely from your phone no matter where you are ensuring the coffee is always ready for you exactly when you want it. It’s like having your own personal Starbucks permanently in your kitchen.

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