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Made to Measure Replacement Kitchen and Wardrobe Doors. Bespoke doors at great prices.

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Replacement Kitchen Cupboard Doors
Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors
Replacement Kitchen Worktops
Replacement Wardrobe Doors

Our kitchen and bedroom doors

Why replace your doors?

Why replacement kitchen and bedroom doors?

Kitchens and bedrooms are the places we spend most time when we're at home, and of course we all want them to look great. The reality is that they both suffer a relatively high degree of wear and tear, and your beautiful new kitchen or bedroom can begin to look a little tired after only a couple of years.

It's the kitchen and bedroom doors and handles that suffer the most while the frame or "carcass" should have plenty of years left in it, even when the doors look less than new. So why replace your whole kitchen? Just measure up, choose your doors and handles and restore your kitchen or bedroom to "as new" condition. We supply drawer fronts and handles as well as our clever granite worktops which can either be installed on top of your existing worktop or as a complete replacement. You'll be saving money as well as saving the environment, so feel good about yourself!

We manufacture the following types of door:

  • Kitchen cabinet doors
  • Kitchen cupboard doors
  • Kitchen unit doors
  • Wardrobe doors
  • Bedroom cupboard doors

In the following styles:

  • Shaker
  • Fielded panel
  • Tongue and Groove
  • Plain (flat) door

If you need any help choosing the right door or measuring up, please just pick up the phone and speak to one of our team.

Custom made replacement kitchen and wardrobe doors

  • Top quality bespoke doors - at affordable prices
  • Simple online ordering
  • Help and good advice in a friendly and relaxed way
  • Buy primed ready-to-paint doors - to create your own finish, have your doors delivered in one of our standard colours or colour matched to your own choice.

Ordering a new kitchen or bedroom door from Just Doors is super-simple - alll you need to do is have your measurements ready. Then just select your replacement door style and checkout online or call one of our expert team.


We make replacement kitchen doors, cabinet doors, cupboard doors, kitchen unit doors and wardrobe doors. You can restore your kitchen or bedroom for a fraction of the cost of a new one - we sell handles and accessories too.

Choose from one of four hand crafted designs. Available in a selection of colours or in white primer - ready to paint.

Fielded Panel door
Fielded Panel door
Tongue Groove & 'V' Joint door
Tongue Groove & 'V' Joint door
Shaker Style door
Shaker Style door
Plain and Flat door
Plain and Flat door

How to order?

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Granite worktops

Transform your existing worksurfaces with Granite for a fraction of the cost of replacing whole worktop, saving you £££'s and all without the inconvience of removing the existing surface.

Granite Worktop
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Replacement kitchen doors and drawers

The desire to create domestic interiors of distinction is of course one which is shared by a great many homeowners and if people are serious about creating that all important ‘wow’ factor, they really do need to make sure that every area of the home is lavished with quality fixtures and fittings. Naturally, in this diverse era in which we live, the style options are pretty much endless and this is certainly the case when it comes to the hub of the modern home, the food preparation area. A tired looking cupboard and cabinet will always let those interiors down, but carcasses which are embellished with elegant kitchen doors and drawer fronts will indeed shine with a brilliance which is hard to equal. The likes of handmade shaker and fielded panel examples really do stand apart from the crowd and the great news is, such items of finery are incredibly affordable in this day and age. Blending quality with affordability is the whole raison d’être of our esteemed company and it's our firm opinion that when it comes to adding those all important finishing touches, we do indeed operate within the higher echelons of things. In our opinion bespoke is the only way to go when it comes to the hub of the modern home and once our valued customers supply us with the specified size of products that they require, they can rest easy safe in the knowledge that the end results will more than match those initial visions.

Fixtures and fittings of distinction

Where fixtures and fittings are concerned, there really is no substitute for quality and if discerning customers choose to source their bespoke cabinetry via ourselves, they can rest assured that it'll be leading edge quality all the way. If it's unique styles that people are in search of, the search definitely ends here, because regardless of whether people are looking for chic contemporary designs or something with more of a classic feel, we can certainly be relied upon to come up with the all important goods. Bespoke products will always garner appreciative comments and this is definitely true of luxurious new kitchen unit doors. For very affordable money, homeowners throughout the land can add a touch of glamour to their interiors, because we truly do strive to keep our entire product range reasonably priced. Historically, revitalising units which had long lost their freshness and vitality could often prove to be somewhat problematic and this is why we've work long and hard to make sure that our customers are able to order the products of their choice is a hassle free fashion. Irrespective of whether people want to order tongue and groove items or those which positively ooze contemporary style, ordering via our leading edge web based facility is a veritable walk in the park and this is why an increasing number of people are turning their attentions towards ourselves in their hour of need. When it comes to rejuvenating those tired units, we really do have all the answers.

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